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Lucy Bell and Iris French Kissing Pussy

Lucy Bell and Iris French Kissing PussyTwenty three year old hottie Lucy Bell is a beautiful blonde babe with natural boobs and a great looking ass. Her lesbian constituent is 27 year old Iris who has a big pair of tits that measure 37D with a 37 inch butt giving her a perfect hourglass figure. They have a half hour sex show that begins with a little dancing and some spooning but rapidly grows into an all out sex fest with dildo penetration and nipples sucking and you can buy it all by going to deskbabes.com but there's a free demo too.

Vicky S and Eufrat Have Attached Asses

Vicky S and Eufrat Have Attached AssesVicky S and Eufrat are 22 year old lesbian lovers who were born in the Czech Republic and they just finished performing in a 32 minute hardcore show where they are dressed as ball girls but the uniform they have on would never be allowed in a baseball stadium. Their skirts are up over their thong panties and the tops are so revealing there isn't much left for the imagination. Their performance can be seen in HD right there on your desktop along with all 47 bonus photos by going to virtuagirl.com.

Lesbian Keana Moire Adores Sandra H

Lesbian Keana Moire Adores Sandra HKeana Moire and Sandra H are lesbian cuties from the Czech Republic. Keana is a 23 year old blonde with natural boobs and a soft round ass while Sandra is also a blonde who has almost the same measurements but she just recently turned twenty. These ladies can be seen on your new mobile device as well as desktop or laptop in HD if you go to virtuagirl.com and spend 2 credits which is between $2 and $4 for their half hour show depending on the initial number of credits you purchased in the beginning.
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